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Ajay, Sehgal (India)
Impact of community based indigenous bio-engineering interventions on the restoration of a fragile ecosystem - a success story!
Akbarzadeh, Mehrdad; Kouhgardi, Esmaeil (Iran)
Amoah, Martin ; Becker, Gero (Ghana / Germany)
Atibila, John M.; Abugri, James ; Aganah, Gamel; Alhassan, Zariatu (Ghana)
Bardon, Robert E.; Hubbard, William G.; Taylor, Eric (USA)
Becker, Gero (Germany)
Forstliche Arbeitswissenschaft in Freiburg, 1990 bis 2010
Beguš, Jurij (Slovenia)
Ways of introducing modern technologies in Slovenian forests with the emphasis on logging by harvester and forwarder
Bikash, Rath (India)
Competence Development in Forestry for Local Communities
Erler, Jörn (Germany)
Operatives Problemflächenmanagement: Teilautonome Gruppenarbeit bei Bundesforst
Hosseini, Seyed Mohammad; Skopuy, Alois (Iran, Czechia)
The relationship between forest companies and entrepreneurships in the Hyrcanian Forests of Iran
Hou, Yangyang (China)
Forestry Education in China. Past, Present and Future Development. A study at Nanjing Forestry University
Inoue, Mariko (Japan)
Forestry education in Japanese high schools as human resource training facilities: a historical review
Morat, Joachim; Seeling, Ute (Germany)
Quality management: a way to increase efficiency in the training of forest workers
Karmann, Marion (Germany)
Arbeitsbedingungen und Forstzertifizierung
Karmann, Marion (Germany)
CeFCO - Certification of forest contractors (ENFE, FSC, Nepcon)
Kastenholz, Edgar (Germany)
Kawasaki, Akie; Häggström, Carola; Lidestav, Gun (Sweden)
Profiles of forest contractors and dynamics of the contracting sector in Sweden
Kouhgardi, Esmaeil; Akbarzadeh, Mehrdad (Iran)
Landekić, Matija; Martinić, Ivan; Lovrić, Marko; Zečić, Željko; Šporčić, Mario; Vusić, Dinko (Croatia)
Private Entrepreneuship in the Forestry Sector of the Republic of Croatia - Status and Perspectives
Lavadinović, Vukan; Lavadinović, Vera (Serbia)
Education in Serbian forestry sector
Lewark, Siegfried (Germany)
Expected learning outcomes: introduction to focus group discussion
Lidestav, Gun (Sweden)
Lidestav, Gun; Lejon, Solveig Berg (Sweden)
Assessing behavior changes in Swedish family forestry by using the Data Base of Forest Owner Analysis
Lutze, Michael; Müller, Christine (Germany)
Decision Matrix for Extension in Forest Logistics Information Technology
Megalos, Mark; Hazel, Dennis; Bardon, Robert (USA)
Mikkonen, Esko; Hyytiäinen, Jukka (Finland)
Successfull entrepreneurship in forest operations - Strategic factors affecting to harvesting and transportation contracting, services production and heating entrepreneurship in forest sector
Nagel, Linda (USA)
Nedeljković, Jelena; Grašić, Todora; Nonić, Dragan (Serbia)
Organization of non wood forest products (forest mushrooms) based enterprises in central Serbia
O’Hara, Kevin L.; Redelsheimer, Carol (USA)
Trends in Accredited Forestry Programs Across the US: 1935-2010
Paschalis, Piotr (Poland)
The new IUFRO Task Force EFS (Education in Forest Sciences)
Ranković, Nenad; Nonić, Draga; Marinković, Marko; Nedeljković, Jelena; Glavonjić, Predrag (Serbia)
System of support for SMEs in the forestry sector in Serbia
Ricart, Rosa; Kastenholz, Edgar (Spain, Germany)
Towards a “European driving license” for chain saw operators
Rommelfanger, Jan; Selter, Andy (Germany)
The influence of forest based education on the management of farmer-owned private forests
Sagala, Lambok P. (Indonesia)
Forestry Vocational High School Development as an Effort to Meet the Needs of Forestry Secondary Technical Workers in Indonesia (Case Study in Pekanbaru Forestry Vocational School)
Salvignol, Christian; Morat, Joachim; Kukkula, Mikko; Hudson, Barrie; Kastenholz, Edgar (France, Germany, Scotland, Germany)
Entrepreneurial competences of forestry contractors
Shen, Liming (China)
Meeting the requirement of the growing furniture industry in China by developing a study progrram within higher forest education
Smidt, Mathew (USA)
Späth, Renate (Germany)
Frauen, Wald und Holz: eine Zukunft!
Vančo, Michal; Sarvašmm Milan (Slovakia)
Current state and development of vocational education and training in the Slovak forestry sector
Xu, Wei; Wu, Zhihui; Shen, Liming (China)
Development and Practice of a “Virtual Class” for Furniture Production Professionals. A Case Study  of Nanjing Forestry University.
Yu, Na; Lewark, Siegfried (Germany)
Yu, Shulan (China)
The research and practice on the teaching system of innovative design based on new materials of forestry characteristics
Yurdakul Erol, Seçil (Turkey)


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